Happy Feet, Happy Body, Happy Mind

Feelin’ Good Studio in Leesburg, Northern Virginia is a creative healing force empowering self expression through Reflexology, Yoga, and the Visual Arts. The personal mission of our studio is to nurture joy. Creating a conscious community of men, women & children where each individual has the opportunity to experience their own personal freedom through the joyful expression of optimum health, visionary art and empowered self awareness. Lara Blackin (Formerly Lara Bontempo) is a Certified Professional Reflexologist, an award winning Interdisciplinary Yoga Educator, and an accomplished Mehndi Henna Body Artist.

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Lara, from her studio in Leesburg, offers foot, hand, and ear reflexology sessions, specialized yoga instruction, and Mehndi henna body adornment services. To learn more about Lara and these healing disciplines, or to subscribe to her wellness newsletter, please enjoy this informative site. Then call or email to experience these healing arts firsthand.

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