prenatal yoga

“The decision to have a child is monumental. It is to forever decide to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Ezra Pound 

Prenatal yoga workshops + classes :: classes offered in Leesburg, VA, on a special request basis

Prenatal Yoga

Prepare the body for childbirth through postures and breathing techniques designed to relax and enhance a woman’s overall sense of well-being and comfort.

Pregnancy is a transitional time for women, when many physical and emotional changes take place. Prenatal Yoga is about honoring these changes in ourselves, our body and our baby.  Postures and breathing to help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, keep the body flexible, while finding focus through the breath to connect mother and baby and prepare for a healthy, mindful, more natural approach to the challenges of labor and birth. Sharing information and knowledge together with deep relaxation for a peaceful, calm state.

Pregnancy & Birthing Realizing your innate awareness for birth – that you don’t have to learn how to have a baby,  but rather how to open and allow a deep listening that guides you through the birthing process.

Partner Prenatal workshops::offer a time to connect with baby, you + your partner! Pregnancy is a transitional time for both women & men. Prenatal Yoga is about honoring these changes emotionally, physically and spiritually. Based on our prenatal classes, learn partner & individual postures to help strengthen, open and relax along with breathing techniques to find inner focus while connecting with each other and baby. Learn comfort measures, massage & acupressure points to help labor progress with calm comfort and relaxation.