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I began to receive reflexology from Lara last summer, almost 9 months ago, and have benefited greatly from her treatments. I am a 65 yr old female who loves to run long distances.  I started running later in life, at age 56, with no previous running experience and have since run 8 marathons.  After the last marathon where I finished within 48 seconds of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, I stepped up my training and speed work to have a better chance of qualifying in a future race.  In doing so, I started to have some foot pain and ankle stiffness and thought I would benefit from reflexology with Lara. After our second session all foot issues had been resolved but I continued to get treatments because I knew they were keeping my body healthy and strong in spite of the stepped up training I was putting it through.  My speed and endurance have greatly increased and I believe I am ready to try again to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Lara is a true healer.
– Margie Bryce, April 2014

“Lara certainly makes for Happy Feet.  The combination of her energy and mine as she worked my feet was nothing short of remarkable.  If you have an opportunity to attend her Happy Feet Reflexology workshop, please take that opportunity.  I attended a recent workshop at The Studio in St. Michaels and it was wonderful to have acquired  the knowledge Lara shared as she was working on my feet.  I so look forward to another treatment.  Lara, her spirit and talents are a gift.”
– Susan Tiffany

It’s a marvel to me that a foot massage can engender joy.  Lara’s tender, fierce attention to my lowly feet is opening up channels of energy and life I didn’t know existed.  It’s all very subtle, which makes it all the more wondrous.  Our bodies are truly amazing in their interconnectedness, from head to toe.  And Lara is amazing too – present, skilled, generous, responsive.  She isn’t just offering a foot massage; she’s offering a way into wholeness and healing.  Find a way to get your feet into her hands!  Your soul (and your soles) will thank you!
– Sue Wentworth

“Besides wishing that I had three feet, I was unsure of what benefits would occur following my first session. I was excited when I not only had greater range of motion in my neck without stiffness but also experienced improvement in alternate nostril breathing exercises. The one hour session ended much too quickly and was a one hour shavasana. I await my next session.”
-Richard Baker

“Wish I could give more than 5 stars. Lara is kind, knowledgeable and came to me at my hotel while I was in Annapolis. She explained exactly what she was going to do and why, checking in with me periodically.   My whole body felt amazing after a 30 minute foot reflexology treatment and I will absolutely go back!!”
– Molly 

“For almost 2 years, I took a daily prescription nasal spray to treat a chronic sinus condition. One reflexology session with Lara provided IMMEDIATE relief of sinus symptoms. During the session, I experienced a sudden pressure release behind my ears. Following the session, I am symptom free and no longer using the nasal spray. I am now a true believer in the power of reflexology!”
– Lura Myers

“After years of pain from both a neuroma and a serious metatarsal injury to my feet I had reconciled to what I thought would be a lifetime sentence of pain and wearing therapeutic shoes, Then…I found Lara Bontempo! I was very hesitant about doing anything that might in any way aggravate my situation but after Lara explained her procedure and how it could help my condition, I agreed to begin treatment. If you know Lara, you know why I had complete confidence in her analysis and skills. To my complete delight, after just 2 treatments I experienced a remarkable improvement in my condition. I could hardly believe that I was now able to wear “normal” shoes. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is after years of being unable to wear anything but therapeutic shoes to put on regular shoes and do so without pain. Thank you Lara for your wonderful healing and your guidance and concern. You are exceptional!”
– Mary Auger

“Relaxed, grounded & healthy” that is how I feel after every reflexology session with Lara. I had pretty consistent pain on the right side of my body due to the nature of my work and the way that I carried my body. Lara has been working with me to decrease the pain and has made me more aware of how important my feet are to the rest of my body inside and out. I always look forward to treatment with her as she focuses on the specific issues that I am having that week. Anything from stomach problems and colds to pain, she has been a blessing as she always makes me feel better. I am now a believer in the power of the feet!”< – Alison Harbaugh, Photographer

“Magic-hands Lara” has been such a benefit to my overall health. To illustrate, I was suffering from some lower back pain for a couple weeks, and my usual stretches just wouldn’t give me relief. I went to Lara for a usual reflexology appointment in hopes of keeping me relaxed and focused during a challenging time in my life. I wasn’t even considering that it might help anything else. Lara worked on my feet, hands and ears in that appointment, and when I got up off the table expecting to coddle my lower, I realized the pain was GONE!!!! Reflexology is such an amazing practice, and Lara Bontempo is extremely gifted. I know I’m sold!”
– Jes Gordon, Artist

“I had sought relief in a hundred places, employing dozens of techniques, but nothing had the satisfying, readjusting, pain relieving and transporting effect of receiving hand reflexology from Lara. At Feelin’ Good Studio my hands were manipulated to their extreme, laterally, longitudinally and profoundly – all three axis’s were taken to their limit resulting in dramatically improved dexterity that was immediately and powerfully obvious in my subsequent guitar playing performance. No matter what your profession, I recommend putting yourself in Lara’s hands!”
– Woody Lissauer, Musician

“Lara has a healing touch, she has the ability to help her clients heal and reconnect with their deeper selves. I highly recommend her services”
– Christine Slabbert Price

“Lara is a master of reflexology. Visit her and your feet (and whole body) will be happy you did.”
– Sheila Norman

“I had the most incredible experience. Lara is an amazing and beautiful person. Book your appointment TODAY!”
– Cassandra Deehring Alls

“Had an amazing creative experience with this woman!”
– Ann Riordan Taliaferro, Artist

“Lara has an amazing energy and creative spirit.”
– Marghi Barnes, Jewlery Designer