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“Lara has this amazing energy and ability to create excitement… from the minute she starts class she made it feel like none that I’ve been to before. The practice itself was just plain outright fun!” –
Barry Brooks, Annapolis Yoga
“Thank you for each class you teach. Thank you for each adjustment you give. Thank you for each word of encouragement. Thank you for the smiles you bring to my face. Thank you for being Lara. It is a wonderfully unique gift you have. ”
Donna Curry + Stu Cohen, students since 2004
“Lara is an amazing teacher. She blends serious yoga with a kind spirit, laughter and knowledge. Each week I have a semi-private lesson in my home. I was a complete novice  when I started yoga a few months ago and now (although still learning!) I feel much more comfortable, limber and I look forward to each lesson with anticipation.
I like it so much I asked Lara to come to my home this past Saturday for a surprise lesson with good friends-two couples for a Valentines Day lesson. My friends were justifiably hesitant since they had watched “Couples Retreat” . But Lara managed a wonderful afternoon where we learned how to do yoga moves with each other, how to help each other and how to strengthen our yoga with each other. It was so much fun and not the slightest bit awkward.  We added wine and chocolate and laughed through the moves while learning as a group. I would really recommend this and Lara! ”
– Tracey Maxwell

“Last year, I reluctantly started the study of yoga for health reasons. The above quote (donna hollemann)reflects my new perceptions of yoga and my lifelong thoughts about art and creativity. Learning about something new can be invigorating and challenging at any age. Make time for the creative arts and you’ll be happy with the results.”
Linnell Bowen, Executive Director of Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts + private Yoga student with Lara since 2004
“Lara is a wonderful teacher. I credit her Beginning Yoga classes with making me a healthier + happier person!”
Anita Adee, Director Anne Arundel Department of Health